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Advantages Of Independent Music Labels

Independent record labels and Major record labels are both platforms that assist artists to build upon their careers. They have done tremendously well through the time to shape their careers. Record labels support them by recording, publishing, marketing, distribution, and building brands for the artistes. Indepedent Music Lables Some advantages […]

How to Start an Independent Music Label

As opposed to the days of the past, musical education has been incorporated in schools and colleges curriculums, to offer degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes. Knowledge of music is essential for the success of your business. This education entails being knowledgeable in contracts, marketing, promotions and advertising, accounting and general […]

How Independent Music Labels Work

Independent music labels or indies as most people commonly refer to them are record labels that are independently funded and run and are not connected to the major music labels around the world such as Sony, Universal, Warner among others. Indie labels are mainly operated by individuals or a group […]

Famous Independent Music Labels

Independent music labels have come a long way with some making a significant contribution to the music industry around the world. This article will look at some of the independent music labels that have made a name in the industry. XL Recordings XL Recordings was established in 1989 in the […]

Benefits of Signing up with an Independent Label

A record label acts as a publishing company and manages to coordinate production, marketing, promotions and distribution while also identifying new artists and nurturing their talents. There are two categories of record labels namely Major Labels Independent record labels (indie labels) Here we will mainly dwell on independent music labels, […]