Benefits of Signing up with an Independent Label

A record label acts as a publishing company and manages to coordinate production, marketing, promotions and distribution while also identifying new artists and nurturing their talents. There are two categories of record labels namely

  • Major Labels
  • Independent record labels (indie labels)

Here we will mainly dwell on independent music labels, also known as indie labels. Independent music labels are absolutely independent in the sense that they are not connected to any major labels; therefore, they rely on themselves for funding and everything else. Basically, they are some sort of small- medium-sized enterprises and are also known as indie labels. They are independent on their recording, publishing marketing and distributions of the works. Here is where many artists mostly begin their music career since it is always good for an artist to work with a record label for obvious reasons, especially if the artist is upcoming. It is, therefore, beneficial for any artist willing to venture into music to join an indie label as this will see the artist grow both in name and career-wise.

Reasons to Join an Indie Label

First and foremost, indie labels are artist-friendly. Being a small or medium-sized enterprise, it is easier to interact and create close relationships with the staff and those who sign you on. You should bear in mind that with fewer artists on an indie label, it’s easier to connect with others and who might be of more benefit to the artist. Another issue to consider when signing with an indie label is the contract itself. They consider giving shorter contracts to artists so that they will not get held up by the contract just in case things do not work out successfully. As your own boss, you can arrange your own schedules according to your work. There are times when you will be required to do live performances for functions as per the invitations you have.

They are at liberty to choose and work with whoever they like. Their choice about who to work with depends on the taste of the music of the artist. This would, therefore, mean they will hardly insist on you as the artist to make changes on your sound and imaging, therefore, leaving you in control of your project. For an artist, there is a higher possibility of owning the rights to your own music even after recording. You can choose to sell it for other purposes to be used in television shows or commercials, which is more beneficial to the artist.

Being an independent artist makes one their own boss, meaning they will rightfully use the concept of online radio and streaming. This can be on YouTube and other internet platforms which eventually gets one paid without going through others once the songs are played on the internet.