Advantages Of Independent Music Labels

Independent record labels and Major record labels are both platforms that assist artists to build upon their careers. They have done tremendously well through the time to shape their careers. Record labels support them by recording, publishing, marketing, distribution, and building brands for the artistes.

Indepedent Music Lables

Some advantages include:

  • Better Relationships

Independent Record labels are minor with friendlier staff, hence have a smaller artist roster which guarantees the client more attention. The artist is able to create better and closer personal relationships with the staff at the indie, generating enhanced teamwork.

  • Career

Artists get complete control of their careers by signing with an indie label. They are allowed to keep the rights to their music hence are privileged to do whatever they wish with the music once it is recorded. Some artists are advantaged enough to have their music featured in movies, commercials, TV soundtracks etc.

  • More Income

Independent artists tend to keep almost 100% of their profits since they own the music. All profits made from live sales end up in their pockets since the sales are not bought from the label. Just like bingo product analysis online streaming and radio also brings more income whenever the music is played

  • No Demand for Deadlines

Different from major labels where artists are given time limits, Indies are allowed to set their own work schedule to work with. Their music is not controlled by corporate demands

The only limitation with indies will be the limited budget. This will mean having to work with minimal budgets for recording, production and distribution, not forgetting touring/ travel costs also are limited.

Major Record Labels

  • Infinite Financial Support

Major labels are able to provide the best in advertising, sponsoring music tours and other expenses that the artist may need in order to get the attention of the audience.

  • Substantial Connections

Due to their good public relations, major labels are able to assist artists to get media attention, meet important people in the industry together with their tour managers to help them develop their fun base.

  • Artist Development

This great financial help and connections enable the artist to focus more on their music and improve on their song-wring skills and work more on their vocals and talents.


  • Lack of Attention

Artists end up having inadequate relations with their producers and managers since the labels have signed more artists. More so, more popular artists are given more attention due to their success hence leaving the others less consideration

  • Creativity Restrictions

The label may try to alter the artist’s sound of the music to a specific sound or person so as to attract more of an audience and also advertise the kind of product they like rather than the artist’s original music.

  • High Employee Turnover

Due to high demand and how highly populated the label is, staff turnover is very high as well, hence affecting the artist since they might end up working with different managers and producers whom they don’t properly connect with. This demotivates the artist leaving others demoralised and might even consider dropping their careers instead of pursuing them.