About Us

Music is a very important part of a great many people’s lives. It is enjoyed in many different forms and is delivered to those who enjoy it in a variety of different ways. Sometimes music, in general, is taken for granted. This is one of the reason’s why we felt a website such as this is so important. It has been created with the intention of bringing more attention to one division of music, which is the independent record labels.

A Two Way Venture

Music artists depend heavily on their music labels just as the labels depend on the artists. It is not uncommon for recording labels to drop a musician because they are not able to produce the sales. This is a two way street in this business, and we want our website to reflect this.

Beyond the Big Guns

Big record labels usually are well known because of their years in existence and their ability to attract the big stars. It is the names of the performers that make the name of the recording labels. However, there have been many independent record labels that have made some significant contributions to the recording industry. Some of which have given performers a chance when turned down by the big labels.

A Viable Business

Another reason why we wanted to create this website was because we wanted to encourage those who have a passion and skills for recording music to step out and start their own label. It is not impossible, nor should they be intimidated by the big labels. The post that we created around this topic is full of encouragement and outlines the basics of getting a business like this started.

A Climb to Fame

For those who think that becoming an independent label is beyond their dreams or that independents never go anywhere then they need to read our post about Famous Independent Labels. If they can do it then so can anyone else that really wants this as their career.

Choosing an Independent Label

The purpose of our site is not just for those who want to start their own independent label. It is also for those performers who are looking for a label company. To reach the fame and recognition they want in the music world musicians can often achieve this with an independent label company. To help with this, we dedicated a post to the benefits of doing this.

The Basics

For those who are just breaking into the music industry, it helps to start with the basics. Understanding how independent music labels works will allow anyone interested in this to make an informed decision. The information that we focused on covers some of the history and allows for a comparison between the major music labels and the independent ones.