Independent Record Labels

Welcome to a site which covers topics of interest about independent record labels, how they work and of, course, the music. Let us guide you on finding new and emerging talent to ensure your success. Here are some of the articles you can expect to see.

Starting an Independent Label

There are undoubtedly many factors to take into consideration when starting up your own record label. Here we go into some detail of the start-up costs, having a business plan and understanding contracts. Choosing your target market is a crucial subject and will depend on the genre of music you are promoting.

Famous Independent Labels

For some motivation, here we take a look at some famous independent labels which made it big, including probably the most well-known, Rough Trade Records, started in 1976. Others include Saddle Creek Records, Matador Records and XL Recordings.

Signing up with an Independent Label

This post has up and coming music artists in mind, highlighting the many benefits of signing up to an independent label, including the option of having a shorter contact.

How Independent Labels Work

This fascinating post begins by recounting the history of independent record labels, which surprisingly go back to the post-war era. Of course, the 60s and 70s saw this innovation increase.

Advantages of Independent Labels

Here we explore the many advantages for artists who choose to sign up to independent labels. This includes having more control over the direction of their career, a higher percentage of profits and easier deadlines. You may also actually be surprised to learn of a comparison with bingo!

So, having discovered our comprehensive guide to independent record labels, we sincerely hope you have learnt something new, whether you are an upcoming artist or aspiring record producer. Keep reading for more helpful advice and tips.